Life and Soul Coaching

You Live Once, Live Well

The 17th centuary Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza contended that there was no inherent separation between body and mind; they walk hand-in-hand, they are different views of the underlying essence. We are affected and afflicted by all of life. We have an emotional response to all. Happiness is a relative judgment on our side that takes into consideration our perceived success in life and our emotional well-being. Perceived success, as we normally measure against an expectation. Emotional well-being is a complex mélange of tranquility, stability, meaning, perceived acceptance and value, authenticity and health.

Life coaching is a process by which a client is guided to find the answers to some of the problems that he or she struggles with in daily life. This includes setting and achieving of goals - of much importance in our current lives. We don't achieve what we think we should for a number of reasons. We don't believe we can. We don't understand how to get to where we want to be. We procrastinate. Procrastination is virtually always the symptom of underlying values that either clash or have different priorities to what we believe them to be. We also procrastinate as a result of an emotional foundation that we are not aware of. The basic premise of life coaching is that we have all the answers inside us - we need a bit of guidance to extract it in a logical order and implement that what is important to us.

Emotional well-being, in its own right as a goal, is worthwhile pursuing. Higher levels of well-being has a number of advantages. Not only do we feel more content and happy, we also have a more positive and productive view of our lives, our physical health is better, believe it or not we live longer, we have more satisfying relations, we work better and our self-esteem is higher. In fact we come closer to realising our full potential in life. One of the confusions in life is that if you take away everything that has a negative impact on yourself, you have only reached the 0-point, the mid-way, you have not added anything positive to your life. It is possible to actively pursue the goal of becoming more positive and happier. A lot of this revolves around understanding who you are, how you think and then actively working with yourself to alter the outcome.

This brings us to the topic of depression or melancholy, one of the greatest afflictions of modern society. The phrase The Age of Melancholy has been coined. The root causes of this condition are much varied, the negative impact on almost all aspects of life, substantial. The goal here is similar to the previous topic, that of emotional well-being, with all of its advantages. We do not need to be a victim of depression, either on a regular basis, or as a result of a major emotional challenge.

Soul coaching is an inquest, a journey into your inner being to discover who you are and to how to heal. How to become whole again. The etimological roots of the word holy is to be whole and this is where we are on our way to. It is not a goal to be reached, more a guiding symbol similar to following a star or the sun on its path, day after day. Whereas life coaching has techniques and strategies, soul coaching meanders where it needs to go. It makes use of dreams, the rich tapestry of mythology, the symbolism of old religions, archetypal patterns and philosophy; in essence exploring the infinitely layered subconscious. We seek the empowered soul, the well balanced mind, the connectedness to all that flows in life.

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