Ek is snoep oor my taal

Kan 'n mens snoep wees oor 'n bruilof?

Depression in Children

The silent victims of Covid are the children.

La Troisième Vague

Notre univers à été bouleversé depuis une trentaine d’années. On ne peut pas voir la stabilité des années 70. Alan Sieler, dans son œuvre intitulé Coaching vers l’âme humaine aborde cette problème.

When Being Modern Is No Longer Modern

Oh the great god of rationalism! At the beginning of the twentieth century there was a serious belief in psychology that our irrational side was an archaic remnent of consciousness, soon to disappear. Modernism (late 19th and early 20th centuries) was deeply committed to the view that the facts of the world are essentially there for study. They exist independently of us as observers and if we are rational we will come to know the facts as they are (K. Gergen).

Dieet – dit wat ek sien dit eet ek

Dieet om jou lewe te verander.

Baudelaire et le Cauchemar du Temps

Charles Baudelaire, le poète français, a eu quelques chose à dire sur le temps, le plaisir et le travail.

I didn’t do it on purpose ..

Words are the channel of the mind and thinking. What somebody says often carries a lot more information than what we read or hear on the surface. Communication is an art after all. Often what we say as a rather standard phrase rests on a philosophical argument, unconsciously. By recognising the underlying pattern we have a far better idea where a person is coming from and what he or she is invoking.

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