About Me

I am Gerhardus Muller, a certified life coach with a much varied background. This includes a Ph.D in electrical engineering, a Reiki master and meridian therapist with training in tissue salts and crystal healing. As part of my own journey in life I have enquired into Budhism, the old Vedic writings, Kabbalah, world mythology, shamanism, classical and modern literature, quantum physics, philosophy and psychology. French, Latin and saxophone became part of it. All of this is intertwined in a strange and magical way and sometimes we need look several times to find just how neatly all is related.

On the topic of language I offer coaching in English. Ek sal graag enige persoon verwelkom wat sy afrigting in Afrikaans wil doen of sy siel's tog wil onderneem. J'accueille touts mes clients. Malheureusement je n'ai pas assez de français pour faire tout le coaching en français mais il aidera certainement.

Foot note: the name Envoyant is derived from the French En voyant which means while seeing. Voyant is the present participle of the verb voir. Etimologically voir is in the same group as voyager which means to travel. So the we can journey while seeing, a theme alluded to in the introduction.

Westdene, Johannesburg gerhardus@envoyant.life 082 457 5554
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